Khuong Le

Khuong Le


2007 I started as consultant in real estate field under RE/MAX concept. My clients were large investors, investing companies and individual investors. In first six months I gained to have new clients from different fields by acquisition. My personal sales growth fast and some part I was in top 5 sales in RE/MAX Europe. By the end of 2007 I was suggested to be an associate in RE/MAX concept, and I started my first own company under RE/MAX.

2008 I established another real estate company with one of my client, Business Center Papula.
Business Center Papula provides serviced office spaces in Finland. Our customers are from small entrepreneurs to international companies. BCPapula is flexible, adapting and cool business center operator.

My expertise are; building up the company, branding the products, innovative thinking, networking and team leading. I also have wide variety of practical knowhow in the different fields like; IT, contract law and marketing.

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