Hang Nguyen

Hang Nguyen

HR Assistant

Discovering and nurturing talent have caught me.

The inner me can’t get enough by the thought: “Anyone has wisdom to share, particularly their ideas and next career move”. It simply starts with a conversation to uncover people’s values, their ideas and how they would develop them, especially on their career path. Great people deserve great career, so it becomes recruiter’s mission to turn their personal aspirations into a dream job.

I am a professional person with experience in people-oriented roles, where I have faced dealing with difficult situations while maintaining professionalism, and a high standard of accuracy. Additionally, I own a strong capability for persuasion with proactive attitude to problem-solving and engagement with stakeholders.

As a flexible individual with excellent organisational skills I enjoy a varied work environment but thrive in a role that will provide me with the opportunity to meet new challenges each day. My abilities include Boolean search, applicant tracking systems and sourcing for new talent. My future interest is to work in a learning organization at recruitment and people development.

My position at switch:

HR Assistant

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