Anh Thu Tran Minh

Anh Thu Tran Minh


I own and operate a successful consulting business, Anthurium Ltd. I have also been Managing Director and Board Member of several small and medium business enterprises (SMEs), and NGO’s. I am a Professional Engineer with strong experience in project finance, business development and management. My experience covers the whole value chain of the water business: ranging from consulting, design, construction, contracting, technology supply, manufacturing, representing other manufacturers, operation and maintenance, to aftersales. My experience also covers the whole project life cycle, from project design to feasibility study, business plan, implementation and evaluation. I have worked on both commercial and development finance projects in the water, waste-to-energy and tertiary education sectors. Consequently, I bring business/investment networks, operational experience, strategic planning, financial management, leadership skills and insights to a board and management team. I have visited, lived and worked in many countries in Africa and Asia. I have also worked in some of the largest publicly-listed Finnish companies, where I managed teams with a diverse background that were located on different continents.

Specialties: Business development, project management, consulting, contracting, technology for water and wastewater treatment, sales and sales support, management of distribution channels.

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