SWITCH Education’s First-Ever Online Mini Course was Launched Successfully - From Ideation to Validation

After months of preparation, SWITCH Education’s first-ever online mini course lifted off, attracting over 80 registrants from all around the world wishing to take part in the alpha testing phase. The course is now being assessed by selected alpha testers and is getting ready for the next phase of beta testing.

From ideation to execution to validation

While entrepreneurship is all about recognising problems in society and building new ideas that foster solutions to those problems, not many entrepreneurs recognise the importance of design thinking in their path of problem-solving. Inspired by that fact, SWITCH developed the Rapid Prototyping Course in 1 Week Using Figma with the purpose of guiding learners through the product design process, allowing them to, by the end of the course, build high-fidelity clickable prototypes in just one week using one of the most popular prototyping tools: Figma.

Involved in the launching of this mini prototyping course was a passionate cross-functional team with members specialised in areas from production and project management to marketing and communications. Each team member gathered knowledge and provided input, which eventually impacted project plan development, execution, and adjustment. Perceiving that prototyping is a very important part of product design, and especially for startups and entrepreneurs, the launching team had put great efforts into the project with a resolute belief that the course would help course-takers become more familiar with the Figma prototyping tool, with the side benefit that, after the course, they would be able to confidently create a demo prototype for their business idea.

"Working as a Product Designer for SWITCH Education's mini course is such an amazing experience for me. It has been up and down during the journey, but the team still sticks together. Also, I feel that all hard work paid off after seeing the final incredible designs from the course participants and receiving loads of thanks after each live webinar." - Steven Doan (Product Designer of the mini prototyping course)
Photo: The launching team of the mini course: Rapid Prototyping Course in 1 Week Using Figma (A mini course of SWITCH Education). Clockwise from top-left: Tuan Le (Course Instructor), Chau Nguyen (Course Instructor), Steven Doan (Product Designer), Binh Bui (Project Manager), Ha Nguyen (Marketing Executive), Tien Dong (Marketing Specialist).

With great effort comes great reward

"I learnt something new and useful: Figma. NABC framework also encouraged me to think more about idea." - Cheryl Phung (Singapore)

The mini prototyping course was launched successfully last week for alpha testing with over 80 registrants from all around the world, from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Hungary, China, to India. The course took place over five days, covering the ideation process with topics ranging from lean startup and user personas to Figma fundamentals. Within a week, alpha testers had the opportunity to take part in three days of live interactive learning via webinars and 2 days of self-learning. Showcased on graduation day were many incredible demo prototypes created by learners, demonstrating their dedication and enthusiasm within just a few days of learning.

"I like the enthusiasm of the organising team and the video teaching course materials. I have learned some of the techniques of prototyping and user testing, and got familiar with Figma" - Krisztián Pintér (China)
Image: Final prototypes created by course-takers in just one week.

We received plenty of constructive feedback from the alpha testers upon the completion of the mini course. The feedback contribution was a great endorsement for the launching team to crystallise a standard quality of the course for the next launching phase. Despite the fact that this was only the first round of launching for the mini course, still, nearly 70% of learners had agreed on the effectiveness of the course’s content and the learning method. Specifically, practical design thinking frameworks and an effective hybrid learning method were validated among the testers with a high level of satisfaction.  

"I enjoy the hybrid learning method, the topics, the feeling, and the nice communication style of the course." - Mária Berkecz (Hungary)

The mini prototyping course was a pilot project of SWITCH Education (a program of SWITCH) to help young entrepreneurs and startup founders de-risk their entrepreneurial journey. This was a pioneering educational production developed by a young, aspiring our Vietnamese team in Finland to contribute to a stronger entrepreneurship community. Looking forward, SWITCH Education will strive to provide high quality self-paced and interactive mini courses to equip working professionals with essential skills to build new ventures. Individual or educational institutes can also gain access to our mini courses.

"The examples given, the resources provided (user persona and framework) were super useful." - Nick Nguyen (Canada)

Based on the feedback provided by our alpha testers, the prototyping course will be modified and improved to become a better version for the next launching phase. The beta launching is expected to be scheduled in late June and early July. More specific information about the mini prototyping course will be provided in the near future.

As an endnote, we would like to express our great appreciation to all alpha testers who joined our mini course and completed the course successfully.

See you in our future endeavours!

With love, from the launching team of SWITCH Education.

SWITCH Education Team
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