SWITCH Celebrating Two Years of Togetherness

Last month, our team at SWITCH got together to celebrate our organization’s 2nd anniversary. The milestone was dedicated to reflecting on many great events and achievements we have accomplished together over the past 731 days and getting to concur with a plan of action for what is to come.

Switching to SWITCH

In January 2021, Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society (VietES) was rebranded to become SWITCH. VietES was initially launched by a group of Vietnamese professionals with a common goal to incubate Vietnamese-connected startups in Finland by combining the strengths of Finland’s and Vietnam’s ecosystems.

As VietES, our team of 16 passionate core members had fostered the entrepreneurial mindset among the community to achieve a number of noticeable accomplishments. Over the past two years, VietES had hosted over 20 events: Success Clubs, Founder Talks, and Coffee Hours. These events allowed us to gather up a community of over 1000 startup enthusiasts and founders around Finland. SWITCH Online Bootcamp - the most highlighted event organized in October 2020 saw great success, attracting participants from across the globe. The 2-day online startup tech bootcamp provided participants with education and inside access to the world of entrepreneurship, with keynotes delivered by founders from various high profile keynote speakers from Kiuas, Inventure, Futurice, Integrify, Softr and JunctionXHanoi.

Poster of SWITCH Online Startup Bootcamp 2020
Graphic: Poster of SWITCH Online Startup Bootcamp 2020

This second year of operation marks an important milestone for our community and the team. Recognizing emerging issues in the startup world and thus, wishing to build more scalable solutions, we decided to refresh our brand identity. VietES was rebranded to SWITCH with a direction of more focusing on providing international startups with scalable solutions, transitioning from being an entrepreneurship society for entrepreneurial-minded Vietnamese people living in Finland to a non-profit organization aiming at providing support and access to the international scale of startup-enthusiasts.

New president was elected for SWITCH 2021

With a refreshing image, SWITCH’s president has also been altered for a renewable term of two years. This time, Duc Tran - a professional working in the intelligent process automation industry, based in Helsinki, was elected to be the president of SWITCH 2021. He has accumulated five years of experience in consulting and business development with one of the key achievements of being in the top 10 startup concepts in Cambridge Joint Venture Camp 2017. Being elected as a president of SWITCH 2021, he hopes to help the organization “achieve a set of milestones to become a top-of-mind organization for young professionals and entrepreneurs”.

I am proud and happy to be a President of SWITCH 2021. I would contribute and share my experience to develop a strategy and drive a team of young talented people operatively.

Minh Duc Tran
Photo: Duc Tran - New president of SWITCH 2021

Incubating startups that reinvent the future for the mass

One of our first initiatives as SWITCH has been SWITCH Education, whose first course we have debuted to alpha testers. The Rapid Prototyping in 1-week Using Figma online course was successfully tested at the alpha launching phase with over 80 registrations and 20 participants. While a work in progress, the quality of the course content was evaluated to be very high and the feedback received from the participants demonstrated great potential for the course. The next launching phase of the Rapid Prototyping in 1-week Using Figma course is scheduled for the end of this month, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news soon.

Looking forward to the future, SWITCH hopes to further develop and improve our support initiatives to provide more scalable solutions and incubation opportunities for startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

We incubate startups that reinvent the future for the mass.
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